• Photos by Tom Sheckels
  • Photos by Tom Sheckels
  • Photos by Tom Sheckels
  • Photos by Tom Sheckels
  • Photos by Tom Sheckels
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Welcome to the Moorestown Business Association (MBA) Event Registration Website!

We recently launched this website to automate/improve the event registration process for Moorestown Day (MD) & Autumn in Moorestown (AIM) events. All of the information related to registering for MD & AIM is contained in this website. Use the navigation links in the menu bar above for instructions and details for each event.


Registration for 2020 Moorestown Day is NOT YET OPEN


Registration for 2020 Autumn in Moorestown is NOT YET OPEN

  • Autumn in Moorestown is restricted to Fine Arts & Crafts ONLY

    • Please only register if you are a crafter. The arts and crafts must be handmade by you and not a manufactured item made by an outside source.
    • You will need to submit 4 photos: 1 of your booth and 3 of your crafts.
    • Your photos will undergo a jury-review.
    • You must be approved to participate in Autumn in Moorestown.

    • If you are representing a company that is registering to promote their business, wares, services, etc., and NOT handcrafted items, you MUST register as a sponsor on the Sponsorship page.